Signature Taste

Slow Roasted Arabica Coffee

We export Hand picked, Washed, sun-dried beans slowly roasted 100% arabica coffee from various regions in Ethiopia.

Blended to bring out a bright and vibrant flavor that is consistent and in harmony to the texture and behavior of the origin where the coffee is sourced.

We are dedicated to the fine art of coffee. Every pack whether in bulk or in pouches is produced with the utmost care to deliver the signature taste that celebrates Ethiopian coffee and generations old ritual of togetherness.

The Premium Blend

The premium blend is our flagship blend. Sourced from including Yirgacheffe, Guji and the like.

The premium-blend is a hand-picked, sun-dried, slow-roasted invitation of the Ethiopian Coffee Legacy, resulting in a rich, authentic & bold Signature taste.

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The Espresso Shots

The Espresso-blend while keeps the hallmark hand-picked, sun-dried, slow-roasted process it has a darker roast which make the taste even bolder.

The Darker roast still maintains the fruitiness and the rich, authentic & bold Signature taste.

Treated and roasted as per the nature of the region the coffee was sourced, our staff and proprietary process ensure the coffee maintains its taste and richness.

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The Gold Blend

The Gold Blend is our Limited-Edition Blend with a proprietary blending process which takes our the taste even further.

The gold blend does go through the hallmark hand-picked, sun-dried, slow-roasted process,it only comes pre-grinded with its own ultra-premium signature taste.

with a unique recipe, the Gold Blend is produced with a limited units each year then blended by specific orders.

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