International Coffee Day History & Significance

International Coffee Day marks the celebration of one of the most loved beverages. On this day, people across the world recognise the efforts of those who are associated with the coffee industry. Moreover, as per Internationalcoffeeday.org, this year, the focus for everyone is to appreciate millions of framers who go the extra mile to produce this

50 Shades of The Brew & Why Grind Size Matters

An ultimate guide to the grind sizes and the proper care Why Grind Size Matters? Grind size effects 3 factors in coffee: contact time, extraction time, and flow rate. The more surface area on the coffee bean, or how fine it is, the more exposure it has to water. And that water exposure decides everything.

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony-Part 1

A Series of posts exploring the Story, Significance and Surprising Facts about Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony The Significance in the place where there’s 13, yes 13 months of sunshine… it can be said that What starts and ends the day is Coffee  (ቡና). In the local language, the word for coffee is “bunn” or “buna”. The