Roots & Rituals

The yenad story
The story the world knows is, Coffee grown worldwide can trace its heritage back centuries to the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau.

Discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi, who noticed his goats acted excited after eating certain beans which came to be known as coffee

We Believe in more than that...


Untold Story

While Ethiopia is known as the origin of coffee, What the stories do not tell is what coffee means to ethiopia beyond a comodity.

Coffee is a ceremony, It is a celebration of togetherness where everyone from families to sworn enemies come together to forgive eachother, to start and yes. end the day.

It is a ritual with colorful names of each round of cup, a legacy that is passed down from generation to generation.

It has its own traditional kettle made from clay called "jebena" (ጀበና) especially used to brew coffee from which our logomark is based on.


Our Roots

The Name Yenad is the name of the birthplace of our grand-parents and great grand-parents

Our Brand is built on honoring the roots and rituals driven by where we came from and where we can be each element of the process. From drying to packaging each step is an invitation to the fine craft of Ethiopian coffee making Experience.

Just Like in Ethiopian coffee cermony, We listen to our customers and the bright minds that drive our blend process to find more ways to share the aroma and soul of Ethiopian coffee with the modern consumers located all around the globe.

Her Signature Taste

We are a female owned, female powered Ethiopian coffee roaster and exporter.

Our coffee consumed from our coffee shop or packaged coffee is an invitation to the unique taste backed by a legacy, a ceremony passed from generations leading back to its first discovery.

We nurture the signature taste by the proper care starting from the collection of beans in the farm, to the roasting, all the way to the cup by our staff 80% of which comprises of female staff.

We aim to share the authentic Ethiopian arabica coffee experience embowed with a taste and aroma that empowers our customers to conquer the day and share beautiful Memories with loved ones.

Coffee with


When blending, we combine the beans after they've cooled in a large mixer and spin them to ensure the different varieties and in many cases different roast profiles get fully integrated.

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